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INTERN HOUSING in New York [Aug. 18th, 2006|05:41 pm]
New York Interns


Finding a place to live, especially short term is one of the hardest parts of interning in New York.

Here is a list of known dorms, apartments, and residences that allow students doing internships to stay in them.

Note: Most colleges and Universities in the city have housing for non-students, but ONLY during the summer months.

Best place for Subleases/Listings/Rentals:

www.villagevoice.com --Classified Ads

Webster Apartments:
Female Only

92nd Street Y --(FULL until Jan. 2007)

(more will be added to this list as time goes by...)

From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-21 08:17 am (UTC)


do note that at the webster, you have to have a 40-hr-week full time job. you can't have two part-time jobs, even if that equals 40+ hrs.
boo to that!
it looks like a really nice place though.
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[User Picture]From: hellokitylovr15
2006-08-21 04:18 pm (UTC)

Re: webster

You CAN live there if you have an internship though.

I went and took a tour last week when I was in NY and asked them all about it.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-22 06:38 am (UTC)

Re: webster

yes, very true. but i have an internship thats 20 hours a week and i was refused an application.
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